Burning Man 2017 360 Degree VR Video

Here is a link to my Burning Man 2017 360 degree VR video project shot on assignment for Reuters with Burning Man Org approval. ThanksĀ to the many many burners who gave their consent to be photographed and included in the project!

Pan all around. If you can watch it in VR goggles please do. If you are watching it on a computer please maximize it to full screen, turn up the volume and explore in all directions. Remember, there is always something going on behind you, too as you are in a 360 degree sphere of experience! Worth watching more than once. Hope you enjoy!

http://www.reuters.com/focus-360/content?focus_piece=137&type=videoScreenshot 2017-09-16 15.38.16 copy


Burning Man 2013 Reuters Blog Post and Multimedia Video

Here is my Reuters multimedia offering from Burning Man 2013. Big Thanks to colleagues Jim Urquhart for his awesome photos, Jason Reed and Larry Downing for their multimedia savvy and editing assistance and my boss Tom Szlukovenyi for his support. Nick Bourg also kept Jason on track during the edit with crucial direction and guidance. Huge thanks to Leslie Quasius for her endless patience as I shot, edited and transmitted pictures from the playa. Thanks also to Joshua Kanizzle for being my angel of bandwidth and also to the Burning Man communications mavens Jim Graham, Megan Miller and Andie Grace for their assistance in this and previous years. Enjoy.

To see the multimedia video portion of this click on the “PLAY” icon embedded in the “Burning Man 2013″ photo near the top of the Blog:

“Burning Bright Loud & Intense” Burning Man Blog on Reuters.com

OR if you want to just go straight into the video you can go HERE:

“Burning Bright Loud & Intense” Burning Man Blog on Vimeo.com

Burning Man 2013 at Night from Jim Bourg on Vimeo.


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