Presidential Campaign Gallery

U.S. Presidential Campaigns have always been central to my photojournalism career. I have covered every major candidate for U.S. president in the past 9 presidential campaign cycles which has provided the opportunity to make (or miss) some fun and hopefully illuminating pictures. 

9/11/2001 & The Aftermath

The attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001 and the aftermath were one of the most emotional and toughest stories that I have covered in my career. The devastation was phenomenal & the effect on the thousands of victims who lost their lives as well as their family members and loved ones was staggering. Here is a small selection of my images related to 9/11.

Entertainment, Sports & Life

One of the main reasons I became a photojournalist is the amazing opportunity to be exposed to a fantastic diversity of people, events and experiences and then try to document and share them with others as best you can. Here is a selection of Entertainment, Sports and Life images from my career.



My Background

I have been a professional photojournalist for more than 35 years for wire services, newspapers and magazines. I started out doing freelance assignments for the Washington Post while still in high school, moved on to working for United Press International (UPI) during and after college, then to working regularly on assignment for The New York Times and major magazines like Time, Newsweek and others while represented by the Gamma Liaison photo agency. Since 1988 I have been working primarily for REUTERS, first as a freelancer and now as both a staff photographer and manager for the past 13 years. My career has taken me to all 50 U.S. states on assignment and more than 30 foreign countries.

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